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2014-2015 Bus Routes
2014-2015 Supply List


It’s Cookie Time!

Cookie Sale Sort and Distribution Help

Just a few more days, and our cookie dough will begin to arrive! With hundreds of orders already placed for this latest PTA fundraiser, we’ll need a small army of volunteers to ensure that cookie delivery day proceeds efficiently, allowing families to get their cookie dough home and into the freezer in a timely manner. Click to sign up for a time to help.

Join us for the Fall PTA Fundraiser!  Baked cookies from Otis Spunkmeyer!
Think Family time – baking cookies together, reading a bedtime story while eating cookies and milk – cookies that benefit your school!

Our fall fundraiser is a yummy way to give back to the school!

Sales for Tracks 1, 2,3 September 29-October 10
Sales for Track 4 October 20- 31


All cookie orders are pre-paid with ordering and will be delivered to the school before the holidays!  Read more on distribution and pick up of orders!


Battle of the Books

What:  A reading based competition for grades 3-5

When:  March 17th at 6pm in the gym (preliminary elimination rounds will occur in school prior to March 17th–8 teams will make it to the final round on March 17th)

Description:  Students form teams of 3-5 members and are responsible for covering the reading list supplied.  It is a question/answer competition with elimination rounds, the winning teams will be awarded prizes.  Students should turn in team forms to Mrs. Cento by November 10th.  Happy Reading!!

square 1
Celebrate upcoming holidays with gifts that will be cherished for years to come.
Square 1 Art is here!  Purchase great keepsakes for any occasion or celebration.
TRACKS 1 and 2 – Order by: 10/29/2014 Deadline extended
TRACKS 3 and 4  – Order by: 10/31/2014

Two easy ways to order
Online or paper order form on the back of your custom catalog.
Reminder: every order benefits your child’s school
Remember important celebrations such as Winter Holidays
Shop now: http://www.square1art.com/shop

 Reading Program

Last school year only 73% of our students participated in the reading program and earned an award.  In addition, only 34% earned Gold.  It’s time to step it up West Lake and begin to “Stick to a Good Book.”   We have set new criteria that can be reached by all students.

Mr. Simons is challenging us to have 90% of students earn an award.   He has also set the goal that anyone earning the gold award can put a piece of tape on him and we can stick him to the wall.  Click here to read the new criteria and access reading logs.